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February 20, 2010


Dear Sir/Madam,


1.            Sal Cefalu, three-star general Michael Scagnelli, and Aldo G. Frustaci have worked for FSB (Russian Central Intelligence Agency) since 1999. After President Medvedev became president, I forwarded all the documents through the council of Russian Federation in New York, Sergey Garmonin, photographs and all documents confirming this. Medvedev immediately dismissed the director of FSB Patrushev and appointed Alexander Bortnikov. About ten FSB generals were dismissed. Markm and Marina Kogan during the last decade work for FSB on the US territory.

2.            In December, 2005 I was called by an FBI agent. He said his name was Jeff, and he was calling from the phone number 212-384-4209. He asked me to come personally to the FBI office at 26 Federal Plaza, 23rd Floor, New York, NY, and to bring all documents regarding the activities of the Russian-speaking and Italian mafia.
When I came to the FBI office I was greeted by Jeff, who led me to a room on the 23rd floor. Over there I saw three officers and a translator. One of them introduced himself as a director of the New York office of FBI, the second one introduced himself as an agent of National Security, and the third one did not introduced himself. There also was a female translator.
They asked me to provide all the documents concerning the activities of the economic-terrorist organization of Elena Kliger, Marina and Mark Kogan, and Vladimir Borman.
I provided them with the following document:

    1. Access Device Fraud
    2. Counterfeiting and fraudulent identification
    3. Money laundering
    4. Telecommunication and computer fraud

They used three credit report agencies (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion) to fix and create phony credit histories. They were taking from $5,000 to $50,000 cash from each of their clients. They were using post system of three credit report agencies for their criminal activities. There are currently tens of lawyers and mortgage brokers, who use this system even today. They opened and operated the office at 2653 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235. The personal of this office consisted of 14 people.

3.      On November 23, 2009 I also said to FBI Agent, Theresa K. McKeever (718-286-7819), about all mentioned crimes and gave her all the documents. She told me that she cannot touch these high-level people. Also I told her that Irina Malezhik, was killed by different people, not by Julia Yakovleva and her husband, who were charged. McKeever agreed with me. I gave her the information about my friend Mark, who introduced me to Irina Malezhik, a wonderful person. Why FBI and Police are so limited in their analytical abilities, that they cannot find the real murderer?

4.      Also my formers business partners, Coviarteria Inc, (a company that was importing black caviar from Caspian Sea) Eric and Bruce Sobol were killed. Eric was shot in the year 2001. His brother, Bruce was choked with a plastic bag in 2003. The people who ordered and paid for these murders were US Fish and Wildlife Service organization. They are racketeers. US Fish and Wildlife Service were keeping the shipment of black caviar. US Fish and Wildlife Service were asking for a bribe through the brokers. When they refused to pay the bribe, US Fish and Wildlife Service spoiled the entire shipment of black caviar (which cost about one million dollars). Eric and Bruce Sobol sued the US Fish and Wildlife Service, they were represented by Drobenko & Associates, PC (718-721-2000). Then the US Fish and Wildlife Service did not have any choice but to hire assassins, and thus Eric and Bruce were killed.

5.      US Fish and Wildlife Service organization is located in JFK airport. They are racketeers, who have demanded money through brokers from people who receive the merchandize through JFK airport. When people refuse to pay this organization destroy all the merchandize and shipments. In case people press charges in courts, this organization hire assassins and eliminate them. This organization is out of control of the FBI, Police, CIA, Homeland Security or any other authority. With the help of this organization, criminals can bring to the USA everything they want.

  1. US Fish and Wildlife Service hurt my company as well. Two deliveries of the black caviar of my company Jacob International Trading, Inc. were spoiled and destroyed (around $400,000) and one shipment (about $168,000) was driven out of the JFK airport and given to the Russian speaking mafia that trade black caviar in New York, only because I refused to pay bribes.
  2. In the year 2002 I (the president of Jacob International Trading, Inc.) and my partner John Vujevich (708-334-2458, The president of Petrol Ferrous Trading, Inc., Palos Park, IL) were invited to London on July 24, 2002 (the date of arrival). We were invited by Marc Grandall, vice president of Trafigura Beheer BV, Inc.  However, we did not know that the owner of Trafigura Beheer BV, Inc was Mark Rich, one of the most wanted criminals in the United States. Special services of the United States did not inform the Interpol about him. Thus, Mark Rich was traveling freely not only in England, but was freely traveling internationally. He was visiting Moscow (that hosts his office), Baku (where he has an office too). He is related to Russian speaking mafia all over the territory of the former Soviet Union. We signed a contract with them. It took us about two years and about $200,000 to prepare and fulfill this contract. The contract involved deliveries of crude oil from Kazakhstan 10,000 tons every month, for few year. However, at the end not only the company of Mark Rich did not pay us out commissions, but Grandell (on order from Mark Rich) threatened us through the Internet. They told us that I will be killed if we sue them for breaking the contract. Mark Rich was pardoned by Prsident Bill Clinton. The initiator of the pardon was Eric Holder. How did it happen that in the administration of the president Obama (the talented politician), two corrupted officials Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton are occupying the highest offices in the United States? Eric Holder is the Attorney General of the United States Department of Justice, and Hillary Clinton is the Secretary of State. They left a notorious criminal go free. Mark Rich was conducting business with Iran illegally. He continue doing his crime as of today.
  3. Director FBI, Robert S. Mueller, his assistants Luis A. Velez, Chief of Public Corruption Unit, and Carlton L. Peeples, and Attorney General of the US Department of Justice in Washington, DC, Eric Holder, knowing about New York criminals, are covering them only because that there are three corrupted officials are standing behind them. These corrupted officials are Attorney General of the State of New York, Andrew Cuomo, and mayor of the City of New York, Mike Bloomberg, and ex-mayor of the City of New York, Rudolph Giuliani. Giuliani is also covering the Italian mafia. A three-star general, Michael Scagnelli, Aldo G. Frustaci, and Sal Cefalu were taking part in this crimes scheme, and were covering this group.
  4. After I gave to the FBI all the mentioned documents, Charles Hynes, district attorney of the Kings County, together with the commissioner Raymong Kelly, fabricated a case against me (Docket Number: 06KN003873). I was called to court 26 times, after that the case was closed. The case was fabricated, that I was allegedly calling to Michael Kogan threaten him, even though I have an affidavit of whitens of Michael Kogan, in which he testified that I did not call him.
  5. Personally, Charles Hynes, during the 16 years of his service did nothing accept accepting bribes from the layers representing Russian mafia. Under his jurisdiction there are many crimes and injustice takes place, and he does not do anything about it. This Russian mafia performs mortgage fraud without any fear and hesitation, as well as much fraud with Medicaid, Medicare, and medical insurances. They are confident in their crime, knowing that they can always give a bribe to Charles Hynes and go free.
  6. The layers who bribe officials and judges are Joseph R. Benfante, Oga Suslova, Josh JFK Sapodin, Scott A. Miller, and others.
  7. Attorney General of the State of New York, Andrew Cuomo, United States Attorney, Michael J. Garcia, Lev Dassin, Elion Spitzer, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly, and Hon. Benton J. Campbell, accept of corruption and covering of the crimes do not perform anything.
  8. Judges like David B. Vaughan, Bernard J. Graham, James Burke, Judge Schekowitz, John S. Lansden, Ellen Spodek, Judge Garson, Michael L. Pesce, Joseph G. Golia, Marscha L. Steinhardt, Jordan Dressler, accept bribes without any fear or hesitation. They have accepted bribes from layers like Joseph R. Benfante, Oga Suslova, Josh JFK Sapodin, Scott A. Miller and his wife (who is the lawyer too), and others. The mentioned layers transfer the bribes from Marina and Mark Kogan and his associates to the mentioned judges. The smallest bribe is $100,000. Michael Scagnelli is their security as of today. He guarantees that judges and attorney generals can do whatever they want.
  9. In January of 2006, Marina Kogan gathered the entire group in her mansion and declared that in case she and her husband, and others would be arrested she and her husband will disclose to authorities all the documents confirming the acceptance of bribes of all the mentioned officials. She said that they would also disclose all the people who established and worked for All American Mortgage. These people are Sal Cefalu, Rosalie M. Cefalu, Salvatore V. Anello. Mark Kogan was practically vice president of this company. He controlled thousand phony mortgages that went through All American Mortgage.
  10. All facts and documents (about 300-350 pages and 14 photographs) mentioned in the letter I had forwarded to President of the United States Barack Obama (were received in July 31, 2009), Denise Blair (6/30/2009), Eric Holder (6/30/2009), David Paretson (6/09/2009), Administrate Judge (306 Admas Street, Brooklyn, NY) on 6/18/2009, Robert S. Mueller (3/6/2008 and 5/21/2008), Robert M. Margehtau, FBI New York City on 26 Federal Plaza (7/23/2008), Michael Bloomberg (7/6/2009), and many others.
  11. I am the patriot of the United States and I do not afraid to be killed, because I love this great country.
  12. On 01/17/2006 detective ID# 916126 called me to appear in Precinct 61, Brooklyn, NY. During the next 52 hours after my arrest I was tortured like in SS in the Fascist Germany. Detective ID#916126 was keeping me in my handcuffs and was trying to choke me. He wanted to make me sign the paper. After I refused to sign it he beat me up, was screaming and killing me. He took away my medicine, and refused to give it back.

Yakov Slepoy